About Judeo Christian Values.info

 JudeoChristianValues.info is (as far as we know) the first and only website devoted solely to the purpose of defining and defending Traditional Judeo-Christian Values.

Conservative leaders talk about the importance of Judeo-Christian Values, but many Americans don’t know what they are.   We searched the Internet but were surprised that we could not find a website dedicated to explaining and promoting these important values.

We asked ourselves, “How is it possible that there are millions of websites about every other topic imaginable, yet there is not a single one dedicated to these values that are vital to the survival of civilization itself!”  So, I decided to create this site right away!

Judeo-Christian Values are under full-scale attack by powerful, elite leftists.  We need your help to spread the word about defending these values before it is too late. Please consider this website a valuable tool  and share it with your friends and family.

Sincerely, Bob Huber (President of Anvoy, Inc.)

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