Here We Clearly Define 21 Traditional Judeo-Christian Values

Spiritual Values
#1 to #7

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Social Values
#8 to #14

Political Values
#15 to #21

Why are Traditional Judeo-Christian Values Important?

Traditional Judeo-Christian values have passed the test of time.  They have proven very valuable in the formation of stable and prosperous societies.  As we see our nation abandoning these principles, we worry that future generations will lose the blessings that we have enjoyed.

History offers many tragic examples of mass murder and injustice that arise as nations turn their back on God and his laws and embrace godless philosophies.  Hundreds of millions have died in the last century alone as a direct result of Nazism in Germany and Marxist communism is Russia, China and Southeast Asia.

That is why we must do everything we can to help others understand not only what traditional Judeo-Christian values are, but also why they are so important for liberty, peace and prosperity.

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